"Hi.. Grandmother? Yeah this is Ging. Listen, I have a son and I need you to look after him for me. Why? I have…… Hunter stuff to do…. yeah. Who’s the mother? I… Sorry I have an important meeting with the Zodiacs I need to get to k-bye"



the ot4: Kurapika and Gon

OK here i go again questioning my gender but for now. im a demiboy. that makes more sense than genderfluid for me bc i rarely drift to the female side of things SO here i am, Gay and Afraid

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that feel when people around you are like ‘god how can someone ship this pairing its so fucking disgusting’ and you start to sweat nervously

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Kurapika - Ch. 348

Kurapika - Ch. 348

HxH Girls and Ladies

"I’m fucked up, but you’re a piece of work too, you know.”

Title: cats are assholes

Artist: kui

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